Smile Sweater


I am in Love with this Smile Sweater.  I was the kid that was picked on a lot!  So, my mom made we have lips and smiley faces everywhere.  So, I became that Happy (which was my sorority nickname), Smiley individual that does not let things get me down.  Thanks MOM!! This is a must have!!! Page 154

Bye Bye Cellulite


90% of adult women have cellulite.  If you are looking to get into that bathing suit this summer it is time to start telling that cellulite bye bye! Page 3

Stop the Stretch Marks


If stretch marks are a concern and you would like to see a difference in just 2 weeks this is a product to try! Page 7



Wow, If you know me I am a fan of affirmations and I know what they can do for your mind and overall well being.  If this products can do this I think I will be putting it everywhere.  Cannot wait to try!!! Page 5



I love clothes, jewelry and shoes.  I believe our image that we show on the outside is what we think of our self on the inside. I cannot wait to post the latest outfits for you guys to see them! Fashion starts on page 152

The "A" Box


Cost is only $10 with any $40 purchase from Campaign 4!  What an AMAZING OFFER since it is valued of $37.  It is your at-home mini spa just for you! Can be found on page 218.


Check out this great video