Angel France Dugas

Angel France Dugas began her career in the Network Marketing Industry at the age of 19.  Wow, that means for over 35 years I have been in this amazing industry working with women.  I joined because I wanted the DREAM of what my life could be if I was willing to be persistent and consistent. Reality is I have had the opportunity to be on both sides of this wonderful business.  I have been and I am currently my own business owner, plus have worked in the industry on the corporate side of the business.  Reality is I LOVE being my own boss, inspiring others to grow their own business, building a residual income and build confidence.  I fall in love with the Network Marketing business each and every day and love watching what it continues to do for women around the world.  I joined the company I am presently with for a fundraising opportunity for which was offered for a dancing school which I owned for my dancers.  To my amazement I have subsequently been able to spend time with my family and travel to places I would have never been able to do without this business. Sharing building tips with others is my passion to inspire women who have been blessed with the opportunity to build a business for themselves and their family.  This opportunity has blessed me with becoming an international speaker, trainer and coach in the industry.